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Want to know more about the folk behind Red Swallow Design? Come now, step into our studio
Art Director / Illustrator / Designer:Belinda Pepper
My namesBelinda Pepper. Im the big cheese around here (at least, I like to think so). Whenever you read an article written in the first person, thats probably me, unless stated otherwise. I also oversee all the design work conducted under the Red Swallow Design banner.
Ive been an artist for over 11 years now, and have had my work appear in internationalpublicationsas well as on national television. Us folk in Australia got hit pretty hard by the Global Financial Crisis (our very own true blue apocalypse), and as a result, the job market became ridiculously unstable. I decided to pick up my britches and take my business online. As a way to pick up some useful skills, I spent a couple years absorbing myself in the internet marketing realm. Then, I launched head-first into my design career.
Artist first, designer second. It comes in handy.
Ispecializein covers created through a process of photo-manipulation and illustration.
Feel free to shoot me an email if you need to get in touch. Im pretty laid-back, so as long as my Aussie-ness doesnt bother you, well get along just fine!
You can also find me on mypersonal website,Pinterest, andGoogle+
Designer:Fiona Jayde
Hiya! My names Fiona Jayde. Im a space pilot, a ninth degree black belt in three styles of martial arts, a computer hacker, a mountain climber, a jazz singer, a master painter, a superspy with a talent for languages, and an evil genius. All in my own head.
In real life, I create cover art for amazing books, possess a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and blue belt in Aikido, am a web developer, love jazz piano, and can bench-press about 20 pounds (with effort). I learned English from reading Nora Roberts and watching Growing Pains, and when not plotting to take over the world, love fantasy art a la Luis Royo and Boris Vallejo and swear that someday Ill teach myself to draw.
You can find me on Facebook, or on my personal website.
Designer/Illustrator:Krisztina (Kris) Strzebonski
Hello, fellow creatives! Im a freelance graphic artist/illustrator in Australia who has developed skills through a lifelong passion for design. I have a formal education in graphic art and design, and I continued to push the limits of that knowledge as I threw myself head-long into my career and freelance work. I worked full-time, studied part-time and freelanced as a designer for four years straight so here I am now at your service.
I have been involved in a variety of challenging projects during my career, specialising in design for non-fiction book covers and interiors, magazines and various other publications. These involved photo-manipulation, graphic design, and my favourite hobby of all time. illustration. Time permitted, I enjoy challenging myself by competing in illustration challenges on Threadless.
You can also find me on my personal website.
Illustrator:Malcolm McClinton
Hi everyone, my name is Malcolm McClinton. Ive been drawing and painting science fiction and fantasy subjects foras long as I can remember, but drawing and painting was only a hobby, something I would do to relax. Most of my efforts were in academics. After earning advance degrees in Physical Anthropology and Archaeology, I spent almost six years working out in the field, excavating. But, I experienced burn out and took a job at Dark Horse Comic.
I was reunited with my creative drive, and after three years I left to pursue my own painting and projects. I have been illustrating as a means of making a living ever since, which I consider my greatest achievement.
Ive been featured in Spectrum 16, I was on the cover and featured in Fantasy Art Magazine 2011 vol 69. I was the artist guest of honor at Anthocon 2013. I won Best of Show at the Foolscap convention in Seattle, and was given the Directors Cchoice Award at Orycon in Portland. Ive also been fortunate enough to work with numerous game companies and small-scale publishers.
You can find me on Facebook, mypersonal blog, and Tumblr.
Illustrator:Jeff Ward
Hi there, my name is Jeff Ward. As an illustrator of the fantastic, a lot of my initial influences were cinematic Star Wars being first on the list. Fast forward through time, that list has grown to include the fantasy masterworks of Tolkien and Hobb, as well as that of Science Fiction greats Asimov, Vonnegut, and Heinlein just to name a few. Ive also looked to master artists, from Frazetta to Dali, to Mucha and Bougereau.
I began painting mostly in acrylics and then oils. A few years later I started painting digitally, and now all my illustration work is digital.
As I continued to do art I started focusing more and more on fantasy, after finding out that I enjoy that subject matter most of all. Looking back, it does sort of make sense, as Star Wars was basically space fantasy, not really science fiction (midichlorians, I know but we wont go there).
Ive created art for DC and Marvel comics, Ad-Hoc Productions, as well a range of game companies and publishing houses. Ive also been fortunate enough to win Best Science Fiction Art for both the PhilCon and TropiCon art shows, and Best Airbrush Art for the Roc*Kon Art Show.
You can find me on Twitter, my personal website, or my blog.
Illustrator:Andr Castelo
Hi guys. My name is Andr Castelo, and Im an illustrator from Brazil. Ive always been fascinated by science fiction, fantasy and human nature. I absolutely love dragons, spaceships, explosions, but human nature as a whole feelings, things unsaid and hidden, secrets and lies have a special pull to me.
I find that the best illustration is the one that pulls the reader, that tells a story and, more importantly, leaves a lot unsaid. Yet, is inspiring and beautiful.
That is the kind of work I aim to produce.
Whenever Im not drawing or painting, Im clumsily working my way on top of a surf board and trying not to drink too much salt water.
You can find me onFacebook, or on mypersonal website.

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