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Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Honestly, weve never been in the position where someone has asked for their money back. But were not happy unless you are. The only time wed keep your deposit is if you disappear off the face of the earth mid-project.
Should I credit the designer?
Its common practice to credit the cover designer in the copyright section of the book, as well as in fine print on the back cover. If two people worked on the cover design (i.e. a designer and an illustrator), its common practice to credit both. Heres some examples:
Cover design by Jane Doe of RedSwallowDesign
Cover illustration by John Doe of RedSwallowDesign
Who owns the copyright to the art?
The artist (designer/illustrator) owns the copyright to all their work, including any rough-drafts or in-progress shots of your design. When you pay for your cover design, you are paying for the right to use that design for its intended purpose. Payment does not include the rights to any of the rough-drafts or in-progress shots of your design.
Why dont you offer multiple mock-ups of a design?
Many freelance cover designers offer a few different designs for the one book, called mock-ups. The downside is that these designers often build that expense into the overall cost of the job, making the design process more expensive than it should be. You are, after all, paying for more than one design- even though you only need one cover!
Also, from experience, Ive found that multiple mock-ups often make the process more confusing and complicated, rather than easier on the author. Kinda like when you have too many choices on a menu- its so much more difficult to make up your mind and pick a meal!
Were going to use our experience to make the best judgement possible when it comes to your book cover design. Any other designs we come up with would likely be inferior. Of course, if you really want us to provide multiple mock-ups, we can do that for an additional fee.
What are the rules to you using stock images and fonts in your designs?
Theres been some unscrupulous freelancers who save money by stealing their source images. This leaves YOU with the legal issues. We dont steal, period.We buy the license to every single image we use in our designs (unless your design is illustrated from scratch, as we automatically own the rights anyway). The license covers you for 250,000 uses total: whether thats ebook downloads or books printed, its all included in that 250,000. Once youve reached that limit, youll need to repurchase the rights to using those images. Thankfully, if you repurchase those rights through us, re-licensing is very cheap. If you want to purchase the rights to infinite usages, ask us for a quote. But thats usually more expensive, at over $100 per image used in the design.
For lower budget cover designs, we usually implement free font styles. But for premium fonts, we need to pay for licensing. The exact usage requirements can differ from font to font, so ask us for the details if weve used a premium font in your design.

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