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Collectively, we have over a decade of experience in book cover design. We are not amateurs. You can trust us to create a book cover that will help your books sell.
Because we’re not based in an expensive CBD studio, our overheads are lower. We’re passing these savings to our clients. You get professional designs for a fraction of the industry rate.
Half of the team lives in Australia, whereas most of our clients are based in the US. What does this mean? We work while you sleep. Plus we talk in quirky Aussie-speak. What’s not to love?
We’re not a one-man-show. Normally the best freelancers have waiting lists that are months long. But because we’re a team, we can share out the workload. You get your job done faster, without sacrificing quality.
If you’ve unwittingly hired an unscrupulous freelancer to create your cover design, and they’ve used copyrighted images or a stolen design, YOU get lumped with the consequences.
With RedSwallowDesign, you can be certain that everything used in the creation of your design was acquired legally. No stolen designs, images, or fonts.

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