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My name is Belinda Pepper. I have over 11 years experience as a professional artist, with more than two spent as a freelance book cover designer, specialising in designs for indie authors (aka. self-published authors) and small publishing houses.
The last year brought an absolute boom to the self-publishing industry. Thanks to the success of ebooks and print on demand (POD), its easier to publish your work now than at any other time in HISTORY. Pretty neat, huh?
Whats not so great is that my workload became so massive that I simply couldnt do it all myself. Authors were waiting 3 months or more before I could even start work on their cover design.
For someone with a chronic need to please, thats torture.
I started to turn clients away, forcing them to look elsewhere for their cover art. As a result, many were vastly overcharged, and received sub-par work in return. I was gutted. Unwittingly hiring an inexperienced designer is WORSE than creating a cover yourself; not only to you get an amateurish cover that wont help sell your book, you paid for it!
How do I fix this problem?
I pull together a team of talented professionals and create RedSwallowDesign.
If you want to learn more about the (somewhat quirky) folk behind the bird logo, feel free to mosey on over to the About The Team section.

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