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Welcome to The Creative Penn, where you will find resources to help you write, publish and market your book.
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Hi, Im Joanna Penn, an author, just like you, and on this site I share my own lessons from the writing journey. I have made so many mistakes, I want to try and save you time, money and heartache along the way. In the short video below, I give you a guided tour of this site and how you can find help with your questions about writing, publishing and book marketing. If you want to get started right away, click here for links to the best resources.
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You can also get started immediately by checking out the Resource pages as below. These pages contain curated information from this site and others that will help you with your issues. Click the buttons to go to the specific page, or scroll down for more information.
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If you like audio, The Creative Penn podcast has more than 65 hours of interviews that will help you with writing, publishing and book marketing.
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If you need more help
These courses give you everything you need to know about publishing, book marketing, and running a business as an author Click on the icons below to find out more.
These are some of the other courses I have available:
If you would like 1:1 help, I do offer a limited number of consulting sessions
Sometimes it helps to have directed information specifically for your situation, and a new pair of eyes that can help you move to the next step.
I do have a limited number of consulting sessions available. These are Skype conversations based on a questionnaire so we can make the most of your time. Click here for more information or to book a session.
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