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One of the perks about being involved in Self-Publishing is that you get to know a lot of awesome folk. Occasionally, theyll also have great skills on offer. Below are some of the service providers weve used in our own self-publishing endeavours.
Elisabeth Sowerbutts of BookFormatter.com
When Lissie started publishing her own books, she realised how woefully inadequate the existing instructions were for book formatting. Already familiar with the world of coding, she set about teaching herself the ins and outs of formatting for ebooks (and later, print books). To help other authors learn how to format properly, she released an extensive guide on the subject.
Problem was, many authors cringe at the thought of noodling around with all that code, regardless of how straight-forward the instructions are. And they dont want to risk messing something up and getting 1-star reviews as a result. They started hiring Lissie to take care of it for them, and BookFormatter was born.
Ive worked with Lissie on a number of occasions, and shes always delivered the goods. Shes my go-to-gal for formatting. Im sure that once you give her a shot, shell become yours too!
Plus, shes Kiwi. Thats almost Aussie, ya know?
If you require her services, simply click here and drop her a line, or tick the I require formatting services option when you fill out your book cover brief, and well put her in touch with you.

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